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Funny deer pictures #1

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This will not be another page with deer hunting memes, those are plentiful. We've got our own giggle-worthy deer and here are some of the selected moments with them:

Funny deer faces compilation gif:

funny deer pictures animated gif

Funny deer sticking tongue out 

funny deer gif tongue out

Funny deer fight

Silly deer art gif

This is a collection, created by us from our own pictures of our buck and it's available for sale as digital art (NFT).

hilarious deer art gifview and / or purchase

Deer breaking in under the fence (story)

Drunken party. Who's driving?

drunk deer

Disclaimer: no deer were actually drunk in the making of the above picture.

We don't share our booze with them.;)

Here's the same buck again, completely sober. Just groovy:

Laughing buck

cunning buck smiling

Funny scared deer (story)

funny deer image


oh damn! funny deer picture

The Ruminant!

(ruminant is not an offence, it comes from Latin word ruminare, to chew again, which deer do)

Beware of a carrot shower, deer!

deer funny pic: incoming!

Gardening tips from Junkie the deer:

deer eating garden

In a way, deer do help you with your gardening. No more back pain or dirt under those fingernails, kick back and have a beer, your garden's been eaten by a deer!

There’s a few things in the garden deer won’t eat. Like that bush on the left. Most other plants - bye-bye!

Suspense is building...

enlarge humorous deer picture unexpected deer demands

I guess we can all agree that wildlife photography can still be humorous. Wild animals can sometimes make us laugh. Perhaps not as easy as cute cats and dogs, but wild mammals occasionally look awkward or goofy enough to appear hilarious.

These bucks aren't exactly little fawns any more, but they sure look like they're playing, running around the tree, and one of them kept sending his ass up in the air for no apparent reason. Still, probably not a play per se, but damn playful! See the video and decide for yourself.

deer play running around

Buck leaps sideways scared of new food

Deer given flat round bread

wtf no pizza topping

Dwarfie likes to get messy on rainy days

Other whiteys manage to stay pretty much clean. Filthy little dude. ))

dwarf deer funny dirty face

same lil buck chewing cud, gif:

funny deer sticking tongue out gif:

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