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And then there were 3...

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We're following up on this developing story.

Junkie's continuous break-ins have resulted in a few more does following her after a while. Let's get straight to a video and watch:

3 does get bread inside a paddock they broke into

In this video, you can witness Junkie the deer, her daughter from previous years #119 purple, and a new 'convert' into 'deer yoga' - #182 orange get a treat while bemused deer on the other side of the fence are ... bemused)) and perhaps envious.

Also 'practicing yoga' is deer miss #85 red.

As observed on the following animated gif, her 'asanas' are very profound (flexible):

deer under fence

And on the following gif we can see #182 orange performing her routine to get in into the restricted area:

 deer through fence yoga

You can tell the fence has gotten quite loosened up after Junkie's diligent daily efforts, so the other does don't have to actually squeeze themselves as flat as they do, but it's fun to watch.

In the next video there's 3 of the above-mentioned does, no Junkie. They get so excited about gaining access to this paddock that they tend to come more often then her now. Junkie only comes in when she thinks she might get any treats from us, these other does are happy to scan for any fresher grass, leaves, petals falling from trees. Like normal deer, not spoiled and fussy.

In the background, behind the fence, you can see a puzzled stag, watching it being done right in front of his nose, trying to poke the fence a couple of times, then giving up and walking away. Actually, lots of deer have witnessed Junkie coming in dozens of times by now, but only a few ever tried, and even fewer have succeeded to follow in her footpath.

Cunning deer broken in under the fence to enjoy more food

The video ends with 3 does all exiting one after another as they hear food being distributed in the other paddock, to the rest of the 'peasants' who only eat in mobs and have to compete with each other over that extra bit of carrot or maize! :P Deer are, of course, herd animals, and they seldom like being alone, safety in numbers and all that, but in these artificial settings, they obviously modify their behavior a little if they can rip significant benefits. So coming into a paddock where a deer can get closer to humans distributing food, provided they're not seen as much of a threat, becomes a good idea. Something worth a bit of stretching exercise.

Question: which deer does the entrance/exit the funniest?

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