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Wondeerful Art

» Deer Art (NFT)

We're excited to announce the arrival of wondeerful art!

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital property. They can be collectibles, art, music or anything, really.

our art features:

  • real deer, living on our farm in NZ in the year 2021!
  • photographed
  • artistically modified in programs like GIMP

No mass-produced, algorythmically created thounsands of near-identical pieces. Each item is indivicually crafted (modified, painted on) using our own, human imagination, knowledge and fine motor skills )).

You can be sure you're buying original art, because it's based on the content of this website, where we've been posting deer photos, videos and stories since mid 2020. Please use this page to discover our accounts on marketplaces!

DEER Pop Art Collection

Presenting our Wondeerful Pop Art collection (Polygon network, Opensea).

What's inside?

deer nft art

Wondeerful Pop Art #1. Featuring JD.

deer pop art nft

Wondeerful Pop Art #2. Featuring Big Mama.

Bullish Deer NFT Collection

Presenting our series of stylish deer avatars. "Bullish" - in financial terminology - means optimistic about the market, believeing it's going to move higher.

dwarf deer nft collection

The "star of the show" of this collection is solely our dwarfed buck, immortallized in his expressive photograph, artistically modified.

Deer God NFT Series

Is still 'in the pipes', stay tuned.

deer god nft series

Deer HD Photography NFT

Upcoming: unretouched, high resolution deer photographs.

1 cute deer face close

Personalized DEER NFT Request?

Would you like to own any of our deer photographs as NFTs? A photograph of any of our deer in particular? We can provide high-resolution, unwatermarked print quality files for you to purchase.

cute deer gif

Please don't hesitate to ask.

In plans: List some more NFTs, possibly on other networks (Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum?)

Offer some animated gifs as NFTs.

Terms of Use

No transfer of copyrights.

The purchaser acquires ownership of the NFT, but the copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights are not transferred, and will remain with the publisher (Wondeerful Farm®).

Commercial use.

The purchaser acquires the right to use the purchased NFT for commercial purposes. Royalties up to 10% are collected in the event of reselling our art.

Wondeerful Farm ® is a registered trademark.


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