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Watch deer sneeze and scratch nose

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Ever wondered whether / how do deer sneeze?

What about how they scratch their noses if those get itchy?

Well, this is how it happens.

Bless you, deerie! :)


In this short episode - Deer Miss #2194 (Cricket)

Do Deer Sneeze?

Actually, deer do sneeze pretty regularly. No, it's not deer flu or covid-2020. They just use their noses all the time, sniffing out eadible bits on the ground, in the shrubs, anywhere they can shove their muzzles. You try doing that without sternutation (that's a fancy scince word for sneezing btw, not that you were wondering)!

Sometimes, the blow is so powerful it's actually visible.

Have a look at this gif and pay attention to that cloud emerging around the doe's face:

Sometimes, deer will sneeze on your giving hand while you're trying to pass them their treats. Keep your face well away, unless you believe in some sort of healing or rejuvenating properties of deer snort!))

Deer sneeze video / meme

BTW,  this video (gif) with no sound has been circulating the internet, purportedly showing a sneezing deer, while in fact it most certainly is a frightened deer awkwardly leaping away and slipping in water. Most likely after having seen or sniffed something in there that spooked him. So we would like to take this opportunity to educate our deer readers :) about that unfortunate misinformation.

Ever seen a deer sneeze?

We've decided to quickly whip up a short compilation of deer sneezing and not sneezing but ... leaping away in fright. 

Fawn Sneezes

In this short video, Fluffyduck the fawn shows you how she is scratching her nose and then sneezing.

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