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Do deer play? These 2 look like they do.

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Bucks playing with each other?

Fawns certainly do play around, but do bucks? You tell us! This looks like a bit of play, doesn't it?

This is taking place outside of the usual mating season (when a dominant buck routinely chases competition away).

Of course, this can be a 'flashback' of sorts, or one of the does suddenly started cycling and made the males mad. But even if so, looks like these two deer put a playful spin on nature's competitive mating imperative.

The video has been sped up for your amusement. In reality, this game went on for about 4 minutes.

And what hilarious moments there were:

deer playing with each other
bucks play catch me if you can

deer amusing themselves

hide and seek

Ok, let us show you a bit of the original video in its natural pace. This is how the game went on:

Still quite frolic, right?

Anyway, same evening the big buck was heard roaring a bit. So this must've been something related to mating rituals. Go figure.

Thigs seemed to have gotten back to normal again.

Fawns are often seen running aroud like crazy, jumping in the air, in groups, too. One day, hopefully, we'll be able to make a good quality footage of that action.

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