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Junkie vs the fence

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🦌 Junkie #2006

We used to feed the deer straight from the deck, so there was no fence:

all deer inside

But then decided that area needed a little rest from all the deer ... ehem... fertilizer. So we've installed a fence a few meters away.

Junkie didn't appreciate that change one bit.

Although we still fed them bread from other locations, she decided by the deck was the 'sweet spot'.

One evening, we walk out, and there she is, standing in the middle of a closed paddock, looking at us.

That was a bit of a mystery. We thought however she got in, she might have troubles getting back out, so we'd opened the gates and let her come back to her tribe.

Deer normally don't like being alone, much less in an enclosed space. 

Anyway, next day here she is again!

deer alone in the paddock

And she rather seems to enjoy having this little paddock all to herself. No competition, no sharing, no bugging from males, just fresher bit of grass and first line access to that hand that gives bread - something that can't be found anywhere else. 'I'll just hang out right here, thank you'.

cunning deer

cunning deer comes alone for food

Watch the cunning hind hanging out behind our windows, eating grass in the meantime, while waiting for something more interesting, and establishing eye contact whenever she'd see us looking:

So one day we finally filmed her escape artist routine...

The deer escape artist | Deer vs fence

And a day or two later we caught her on camera breaking in.

Junkie comes IN | Cunning deer and the fence

Then what happened? Pretty much same story every day, a few times a day. Junkie in - junkie out... She'd go back to her bemused deer fellas, hang out with the crowd, then sneak into her conquered lands and stalk us a little bit for more food. We were ready for more cunning deer breaking in, but that didn't happen for about another month.

Deer are very cautious animals, constantly ready to flee, hate confined spaces, prefer larger gates and often run through the open gates instead of walking through them. That's how much they are uncomfortable in tight spaces.

The more astonishing the fact that Junkie found it so easy for herself to squeeze through a tight opening under the fence.

Not so tight anymore, of course. 

And more have learnt the trick.

Stay tuned for the next story...

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