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Leave the deer their daily bread!

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Starring: Big Mama

deer hand fed bread

In this entertainment / educational post:

Due to the ongoing pandemic and quarantine measures around the world, people are panicking and panic-shopping. 

While our deer care not for the possible shortage of toilet paper, they do object strongly to people hoarding their daily bread.

Junkie didn't take the news lightly:

funny deer picture

We could consider baking our own, but then we'd need much more flour than our pantry holds at the moment, and people've been cleaning that up as well.

Other hinds express doubt as to the reason for the sudden abysmal introduction of a gluten-free diet:

deer funny face bread shortage

Hopefully, there will be no run on carrots, their second favorite treat. Guess what? You may have a beer fridge, we've got a deer fridge:

deer fridge full of carrots

The rest of the carrot is in the shed. Still, our deer would like to ask fellow New Zealanders to chill and leave more bread on the shelves. :)

Deer eating bread and competing for it

In the following video, you can see for yourself how deerly the deer do love bread.

deer eating toast

Should you feed wild deer bread?

Depending on where you live it may be illegal for you to do that.

Winter is a challenging time for deer, and a nature's way of culling the weaker herd members. (( As heartbreaking as that may be, supplemental feeding of them presents its own set of problems and according to many reputable sources can do more harm than good. Such as:

If you want to help deer survive winter:

You can do this by creating and maintaining good quality deer habitat and improving food resources that will actually benefit all wildlife.

If you can't resist feeding deer, follow these guidelines:

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