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Big Mama [tag: none ]

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One last carrot, many deer bullies

Would you like ketchup on that?

Table for one? Deer eating up close from a log

Leave the deer their daily bread!

When Dog is Away ... DEER come in to play

This girl is pretty old at the time of writing (June 2020). Because of that, she appears quite bony, even though she enjoys rather preferrential treatment and an extra bite.

She's often seen with her daughter, another split ear hind. Sometimes they're called 'the splits family':

Big Mama the deer and Splittie the deer

Both of them are featured in this video:

They must've really hated their tags that much to rip them off, or they loved sticking their heads through the narrower netting parts and got caught in them. When that happens deer may start to panic and make lots of violent moves, and can hurt themselves. Stags growing antlers will sometimes end up braking them when they get tangled in a netting or a tree, and panic sets in.

Oh well, but that doesn't leave a life-long trauma as these girls run enthusiastically for treats exhibiting no difference in behavior.

You might notice how this deer's face is a tiny bit more plump around the cheeks, arguably, making her look even cuter. A bit of a hamster look to her face. Well, dear readers, that's just same old age: no botox, no surgery, that's what life will do to you when you accumulate years, whether deer or human. But when a deer you can at least look cute with a droopy hamster look.))

big mama doe with bread

Big Mama has got her nft art for sale

Now then.

Big Mama, why that name? Mainly, because when she was pregnant last she was reaaaaly big. She was wide. Wider than Junkie the fatso when she carried a fawn.

But also, she's one of the elders, so she's big because she's wise and deserves respect.

And fame. Just look how expressive her face is, she's overdue for an Oscar :)

expressive, funny deer faceNZ Autumn 2020

And a cuteness award, of course. There she is, undoing our borage plant:

doe chewing borage

NZ Autumn 2020

big mama the deer reaching for treats

Update April 2022

Sadly, Big Mama has died. One day she was eating as normal, next day she didn't show up and that was a bad sign, because she always does. She might have been the oldest on the farm. RIP.

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