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Do deer eat avocados?

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Gladly, if they're used to them.


Deer that know avos, have been around them before and decided they were safe - adore avocados and will eat them together with bones, skin and leaves. However, we rarely give ours whole bones as they're hard to crack and really slippery. Saving them for a few days then cutting in halves.

deer eating avos from tree

Deer enjoying avocados

We've given deer pieces of avocado fruit: actual chunks, skin alone and bone cracked in halves. They've eventually cleaned the whole plate, but in this one we show only beginning (they took their time).

Can deer eat avocado skin?

Absolutely. Deer chomp down the whole thing, sometimes even seems like skin and bones are their favourite parts. go figure. Watch in the next video.

Are avocado trees deer resistant?

No. Deer can strip it of all leaves and fruits within their reach. Deer eat all parts avocado except the tree trunk 😂 Fence it if you're not willing to share. Because I kid you not, our deer storm our avocado tree daily if given the chance, they strip the leaves and reach out for the fruit even when it's still rock-hard. They chew it for a while before swallowing, the whole damn unripened thing.

Are you wondering, whether these animals will eat what you're willing to give? Is it safe, will they eat it?

We can help you with that, as we've tried many treats and delicacies on our deer farm.

Read our overview post 'What do deer eat'.

Please note, deer are suspicious of any new kinds of food, so likely to pass on it on first encounter.

Also, please read considerations about feeding deer.

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