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Table for one? Deer eating up close from a log

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Table for one? One would hope so! Meaning, every deer would love to be the only one at the 'feeder table', but bummer, most of the times mates are floating around and they have noses too.))

Ok, so we've been setting up 'tables' for deer to eat from, to get a better angle and sound for the camera. And it has been quite a success. We've served maize, carrots, fruits, even crackers, nuts and bread-sticks on these make-shift tables. The sticks crunch the loudest so that's particularly cute. Where there was more wind noise than chewing/crunching sounds we've added some music instead.

Red gets lucky to discover the treats by herself

First time this doe ate from this spot is a bit awkward, because a bit unusual for her. But food is too irresistible not to overcome her fearful instincts and she carries on picking one treat after the other. And what a variety: kiwifruit, banana, orange, crackers and almonds! Everything gets cleaned up. Any particular preference? We didn't notice.

Second lunch is interrupted by a buck

The next time Red comes up to check her favorite food cort, she's interrupted by a young buck. They often are aggressive and demand pecking order to be respected (because they're at the top of it), so she retreats. But the silly buckie doesn't know what that food is and carries on eating grass around the log. So Red comes back to finish her lunch, and she's in the 'clean plates tables club' again.

Deer are often cautious about unknown to them types of food. They may even jump away from it (or with it still in their mouth, as seen in this video) after they have a sniff and realize it's something utterly new. But as time goes by, especially if they notice other herd members eating it, they might have a taste themselves. That's why older hinds on the farm have a more varied diet than younger deer.

BTW, the junk on the 'table' was: avocado shell, banana, lemon peel, bit of pumpkin lasagna. Not as great looking menu as before and after))

3 does eating breadsticks (and a flower)

Cute does find some treats on a log and compete over who can reach and eat them faster. So Red from a previous video comes to check on her table again and - bingo - it has been served! Only this time she's having more persistant competition, but manages to eat most food without sharing.

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