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» Our deer » [tag: 119 purple] deer  at wondeerful farm YOB: 2018
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And then there were 3...

Junkie's friend who followed her under the fence and back. Well, after about a month or so...

Not as daring as her, but seems to be warmig up. Occasionally will come up close, just to grab a piece of bread and storm out. Sometimes flips out and decides to get all  scared and run away, other times acts like she's cool.

As of February 2020 she's a regular under-the-fencer, comes even more often than Junkie, the original fence buster, as Junkie only comes in now for a 'good' treat, like bread, maize, fruit... but not for a lemon, she's not into lemons anymore. Or capscicums. Nah.

#119 is a lot less fussy. She'll still eat magnolia tree petals, lemons, capscicums. Could be because she is feeding at the moment (February 2020). Her first fawn.

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