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Bluetooth the doe #2

» Our deer » Bluetooth the doe [tag: 2 blue] deer Bluetooth at wondeerful farm YOB: 2015

Blue 2 (Bluetooth) is one of the braver deer souls. 

She's definitely high status among other hinds. As in, you don't see her being pushed around or bitten. Once she was even spotted pushing away the spiker (young male deer).

Always tries to be in the front row of where the food is distributed. Will take food out of our hands. In fact, prefers it to having to pick it from the ground with all the rest of her fellows. Gobbles up her food professionally fast. "I just gave you a piece, Bluetooth! Wait for others to get some! You're swallowing it like a damn snake!" - our common dialogue monologue as her head is protruding well through the fence sticking her tongue even further.

deer horizon

Bluetooth, NZ summer 2020

Bluetooth and Junkie hinds

Bluetooth and Junkie in winter coats, NZ spring 2019

bluetooth the deer

Winter 2020

Bluetooth feeding her new fawn

While feeding her new little (well, relatively spreaking) fawn Bluetooth gets targeted by her last year's. Watch what happes in the next video.

Last edited 29-06-2020

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