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Babushka Has Her New Fawn

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22 December 2023

It's a busy, noisy and exciting time on Wondeerful Farm, because it's fawning season! Every few days a new baby deer is born and does switch to motherhood mode: guard, feed, teach...

Babushka, our oldest doe, still keeps having offsprings, and again in our backyard paddock, where she can get some suplemental feed and peace from other, younger, stronger and more aggressive deer. After giving birth to Charky last year, this time she's delivered a fawn of a more common coloration, and it might be a buck.

Here are its first days of life photos.

doe and fawn just born

Here's its first days of life photos.

When the baby deer is just born, it's wet, naturally...

wet newborn fallow deer

Sticks by its mother, trying to stand up within the first half an hour of its life, and does! This guy started walking (clumsily) after about 40 minutes.

little baby deer standing up

Fawn's First Awkward Steps

Newborn baby deer taking first awkward steps hours after being born. Mother doe is near.

This newborn baby deer's day consists mostly of eating (every couple hours) and sleeping in his hideouts. Physical activity is very limited.

first hour of life of the fawn

By day 3-5 we started seeing little one starting to hop about and take short sprints. No wonder, look at the length of those legs, any top model would've envied:

long legged baby deer

But still most of the days consisted of rest.

So Babushka and her fawn spent 5 days in our backyard, then were let out, by that time the little guy was able to walk for a more extensive time and follow his mother to the more remote parts of the farm.

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