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Babushka [tag: 168 green]

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The elder. Oldest hind on the farm in year 2020. Don't ask how old she is, older than our records.

Well, she might be something like 10 or even 11 years old in 2020.

In case you didn't know, the word 'babushka' means 'granny' in Russian.

Despite her senior age, the doe still got good teeth, observe:

deer babushka teeth

Actually, fallow deer only have rather symbolic teeth at the front: bottom row only. And some powerful chewers at the back. Reportedly. Hard to see.

Here she is standing in a rather a funny pose chewing cud:

Babushka sniffing the camera

New or unusual object in deer's view always requires an introductory sniff.

Here's another video of her making sure the camera smells about the same as last time. She sneezes while doing that. Deer sneeze a lot. Video taken in August 2020.

What we know of her is that she was the mother of Blackie, who still travels by her side. Usually they ween off their male fawns quickly, but this two still hang out together, even though she stopped feeding him. Here he is:

She's recently become tamer and as of May 2020 been taking bread from our hands. And now even carrots chunks.

This is the doe after the rain:

deer after rain

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