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Charcoal (Charky) the doe

» Our deer » Charcoal (Charky) the doe deer Charcoal (Charky) at wondeerful farm YOB: 2022
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Babushka Feeding Charky *user only

In this video, you see (and hear) Babushka feeding her fawn named Charky. The session takes more than a minute.

Charky the Fawn Photos *user only

Several pictures of Charky in her first days and weeks of life.

Charky was born to our oldest doe Babushka in our backyard. She stands out from her mate Fluffyduck as being a bit larger and darker. 

Fawns - Fluffy and Charky in December 2023

One year old fawns Fluffyduck (left) and Charcoal (right) in December 2023

Babuska (the mother) is a tad darker herself, so when she mates with a black buck, her fawns tend to come out even darker than those born to lighter brown colored mothers.

Here are the two girls a bit earlier, November 2023

same two fawns side by side

One year old fawns Charcoal (left) and Fluffyduck (right) in November 2023

None have tags yet at the time of writing and frankly, these two are tricky to tell apart unless both of them show up at the same time. Another clue is that Charky will take treats from my hands and Fluffy still is afraid to make that final step, even though she'd stand as close as Charky.

This is, probably, the cutest picture of Charcoal (right):

cute Charky the doe

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