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FluffyDuck the doe

» Our deer » FluffyDuck the doe deer FluffyDuck at wondeerful farm YOB: 2022
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FluffyDuck is Now ScruffyDuck (Molting Deer) *user only

Come spring, deer start losing their winter coats. This process is hard to miss if you're around them at that time. So this is how FluffyDuck is looking in the Spring of 2023 ...

FluffyDuck was born to a very old and skinny doe, who for some reason was very picky about food and in general ate only little compared to other does.

She was looking poorly when she was born, fur was all scruffy and was even missing on some parts of her body, like her face:

cute fawn Fluffy

And especially her knees:

baby deer missing fur on her knees

Fluffy at 1 - 1,5 months old

This video is from February 2023, when she still had boldish to off-colour knees.

She grew stronger as we took special care of her and her mother, who still sadly passed in July 2023 just as she finished feeding FluffyDuck and began to wean her.

Fluffy's knees came right before her overall coat did. Here's her with no bold spots on her legs:

fawn looking better

dark fur deer

Her fur is now nice and smooth and no blind spots on her body. Well, everybody's a little scruffy in their winter coats, but before she grew it she was quite smooth. You can see she's no scruffier than Red, who's model health.

Fluffy and Mad Red the deer

FluffyDuck is spending most her time by the house, where she gets daily supplemental feeding and treats. She hangs out with Babushka, her fawn Charcoal, who is same age as FluffyDuck but slightly bigger and a bit darker, and a couple of other lucky does who get to stay by the house. Her and Charcoal oftentimes initiate mad running around game, where even the adults join in sometimes. If she's let out to join the rest of the herd, she comes back usually the same day asking to be let in. Before she'd follow her mother here, but now she comes all by herself.

Unlike her mother, she's got great appetite and is not picky about food. She will eat oats, carrots, apples, bread, bananas, you name it! Her mother, for some reason never touched oats or oatmeal, and ate very little bread. But Fluffy could see Babushka gobbling up all those things, and other deer, and she learnt from them how to be in great shape!

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