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Dwarfie [tag: none ]

» Our deer » Dwarfie [tag: none ] deer Dwarfie at wondeerful farm YOB: 2018
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How deer damage trees

Would you like ketchup on that?

Little Dwarfie is literally a dwarf buck. Despite his compact size, he likes to pick fights just like most other bucks. You can see him taking on the big guy in the video below:

Funny deer fight

He doesn't always look funny though, in this iconic picture Dwarfie is captured with a calm and wise expression:

dwarf deer buck looking wise

Dwarfie can also look classy and cute.

little white deer looking classy

Cute comes easy to him due to his size.

Oftentimes spotted close by his sis - Whitey.

As of 2021 has become an inspiration for deer NFT art.

Dwarfie has got his nft art for sale