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Do Deer Dig Jasmine? (Surprise!)

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Do you know what's always a treat for the senses? The unmistakable, sweet aroma of jasmine! This flowering plant is a favorite among gardeners and homeowners alike, and it's not hard to see why. With its delicate blooms and intoxicating scent, jasmine is the perfect addition to any backyard oasis.

jasmine vine on the fence

One possible problem though: deer. Do they find jasmine appetizing? We can answer this question for you because we have both: deer and jasmine plants

It is thought that deer dislike aromatic greenery, things like rosemary, lavender or mint are definitely not a popular food choice for these animals. But jasmine? Not so fast… Unlike lavender, this plant is more succulent. And for whatever other reasons deer just don’t mind it. At least, when it's not actively blooming. Is it on the top of their food preference list? Not really. But can it be stripped bare of all the foliage? Yes. That’s what they've done to ours on one occasion. It only takes 1 deer to strip this vine bare within its reach.

good appetite for jasmine

Junkie the doe reaching for some jasmine

Our plant has survived and sent new shoots but there was no flowering next season. Which is pretty sad because the whole point of us planting it was the scent of blooms. So since that vicious attack it’s been hidden behind a high plastic netting, and deer would still try to get to it sometimes, pushing through, sticking their heads into any loose openings. Today I've exposed it again because I was doing some gardening there, and voila - this old doe is helping herself to the viney shrub!

So our verdict is, while jasmine may not be the best deer attractant, once they’re in the vicinity of it, they won’t mind an easy new addition to their ration. It is not deer proof. 

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