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Do Deer Eat Armeria Maritima (Sea Thrift)

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gardener notes Gardeners Notes
Plant type: perennials
Deer resistant: somewhat
Our plant hardiness zone:
New Zealand: subtropical
U.S. Zone 10b

Armeria, commonly known as Sea Thrift, is a charming and resilient perennial plant cherished by gardeners for its dainty, globe-shaped flowers and its ability to thrive in various garden settings, requiring virtually no maintenance. With its striking appearance and reputation for deer resistance, it has been a favored addition to many landscapes. However, recent experiences on our deer farm have shed light on an unexpected twist in its reputation.

deer and armeria

Deer Resistance? Not Always.

While Armeria has long been touted as a deer-resistant plant, our recent encounters have challenged this widely held belief. We've had big plans for this perennial, as it's already shown wonderful snails and slug resistance (big problem in our area), and we were excited to introduce Armeria to our garden, believing it would remain untouched by our deer. However, our hopes were dashed when we discovered that one of the freshly planted Armeria specimens had fallen victim to one of our animal's voracious appetite.

deer munched on armeria

To our dismay, not only had the deer yanked the Armeria from its planter, where we'd planted it a couple of days ago, but they had also devoured it down to the root. Nothing was spared – both the delicate flowers and the lush foliage had become a deer's meal. This unfortunate incident served as a stark reminder that while Armeria may not be at the top of a deer's preference list, it is not immune to their appetite.

sea thrift damaged by deer

Our experience with Armeria and the deer on our farm serves as a valuable lesson for fellow gardeners and enthusiasts. While it is true that this plant is often considered deer-resistant, it is not impervious to the whims of these hungry animals. The level of deer resistance may vary from one location to another, and individual deer may have varying tastes. So, it's good to exercise caution and take preventive measures if deer are common visitors to your garden.

We're now thinking of planting only nasturtiums in this newly painted old tyres planter, that's a much safer bet, and its trailing habit may be a good fit for that hight.

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