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Deer Like to Chew

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This is just a random observation post from deer farmers.

Deer chew plants, deer chew their cud and they also apparently chew inedible things. Not just things that might've come in contact with something edible, and thus might have picked up traces of scents and confused these animals. No, deer also seem to be craving a chewing gum.

cute black deer chews amusing

They will munch on all things plastic. Starting from faux vines from your solar lights, to a bit of a clothesline, down to a plant label they pull out of the ground:

deer chewed plastic

This behavior is typical for fawns, understandably, but not uncommon for adult animals. Are they bored? Perhaps, when they're fed well and don't have to worry about browsing around, finding nourishing food sources to sustain themselves they just think «oh well, guess I'll chew that bit of tasteless whatever».

deer love to munch on things

That's partly why you don't want to rely on fishline fences and plastic netting when trying to keep deer away from your garden. If it's chewy - deer chews.

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