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Listen to this relaxing and soothing music. Admire the beautiful deer, and enjoy the nature. In the following videos you will find deer quietly sitting down and resting, slowly and lazily moving or sometimes grazing, to either the sounds of nature (unaltered) or ambient music.

Relaxing deer video for calmness

This one is featuring some peacefully resting and sometimes grazing deer on a NZ farm. Especially the two does who decided to take a break and sat down on a high spot to watch some birds and chew their cud. Some deer resting, grazing, chilling, grooming is featured in this video.

Best for calming your nerves, watching before sleep to aid relaxation or whenever you feel you need to unwind. We've selected some ambient, soothing music for this some of the video clips.

Deer in morning mist

Wondeerful Farm's misty early morning doesn't keep deer from their usual lives. They've just been fed and continue moving around, sometimes does are calling for their fawns, sometimes bucks are bossing everybody around. Otherwise just keep chewing and carry on. Fascinating animal silhouettes in this one.

Deer, rain and rainbow

Peaceful, serene video of deer sitting down under a small rain, then comes the rainbow. No music in this one, just natural sounds.

Deer playing with swing

Junkie the deer plays with the swing and then grooms herself. If you enjoy the sound of crickets this video is for you. Numerous and active day and night during NZ summer, cricket chirping is the background noise one hears all the time.

Watching wild animals generally has positive effect on us, returning us back to nature from our hectic, oftentimes stressful lives. Our series of tranquil deer videos should hopefully help you relax or meditate.

Which of these video clips did you like the best? Do you prefer music or natural sounds best?

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