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Fallow deer quiz

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There are 19 questions in this quiz. Some answers are humorous, but there's always the right answer in there. ;)

Over short distances, fallow deer can run at a maximum speed of

Mother deer begins weaning when her fawn is about

Fallow deer are also called

Which deer run faster:

How many color varieties of fallow deer are there?

What other food sources besides grass are common for the fallow deer?

In the first two years of life, the antler ...

The antlers of fallow deer can measure

The fawn is completely weaned after

For the males to develop antlers in full size it takes about

These deer are mainly active

The breeding season (or rut) and gestation period last about ... respectively

Males and females sexually mature at about

Most common color of fallow deer is

Fallow deer's main color variants are:

Which fallow deer color is most commonly encountered in the wild in New Zealand?

What is the difference between Common and Menil coat?

What is the visual difference between Leucistic and Albino fallow deer?

Do fallow deer hibernate?


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