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Deer Quiz #1

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How much do you know about these animals? Check by taking our humorous quiz.

Funny Deer Quiz

Which family do deer belong to?

Deer are

Deer are

How many chambers are there in deer's stomach?

What type of herbivores are deer?

Deer belong to a clade of:

Which one of the following is not a real deer species?

Female reindeer

Deer of all species, grow and shed new antlers each year, except this one ...

The smallest deer in the world is called

The scientific name of Northern Pudu is:

The Chinese water deer do not have antlers but instead they grow

What is the largest deer?

How fast can deer run

Fallow deer are also called

Sika and Fallow deer both have rump the shape of:

In Russia, the word 'deer' is sometimes applied to humans as a derogatory term usually meaning:



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Wow that was cool! :D You have to make more of these.

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