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And then there were 3...

Do deer bite? Dominance between hinds (does)

Lovely first fawner (in 2020). Still quite wild and not too trusting, but has her daring moments. Comes closer occasionally, other times keeps her distance. She was the 4th deer to ever come under the fence, following Junkie, who was the first. Which was surprising, because we didn't see her up close too often. We'd expect Bluetooth to come before she would, because she's much more relaxed around people and rips that bread from our hands as quickly as she can without reservations, but Bluetooth was probably only the 7th.

deer Ms 185 and Junkie the deer

Orange and Junkie, Feb 2020

Junkie wasn't too happy about the new girl's arrival into the sacred paddock, she was only cool to share with her usual travel companion, #119 purple. And by 'share' I mean not bite her when she'd see her picking up food alongside.

deer biting another deer

Junkie expressing her 'hospitality' to the new girl in her 'conquered' land by biting

young cute deer hind

Deer Ms #182 orange, NZ Summer 2020

deer horizon prettypretty deer

NZ winter 2020

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