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» Our deer » [tag: 174 green] deer  at wondeerful farm YOB: 2016
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Deer being jerks

Very nice, friendly hind. Knows a secret how to have many followers without a Twitter account. Happy to come first and many other deer will follow her.

deer leading the way

When she's waiting behind a fence to get food and sees you coming towards her, will get agitated and 'dance' on the spot impatiently.

one seven four hind

Was the first to learn how to lick maize off of our hands. In this short animated gif you can observe her doing just that:

deer eating from hand

And the first deer to ever come straight up, without the fence in between us. She's pretty fearless, as for the deer.

174 awaiting treats

"Just put your treats right in my mouth, thank you! Right here, right here!"

Deer miss 174, her fawn and a chewy bun

She brought her couple day old fawn with her right to our house.  Looks like this bun was not much fun! ))) Usually, our deer get multigrain toasts, soft and nice. But they'll eat any bread including crackers.

deer funny tongue

Deer Miss #174, NZ summer 2020

Since end of Februaty 2020 she started getting under the fence, following in Junkie's footsteps.

good girl

- Stand still for the picture, girl!

- Never!