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» Our deer » [tag: 119 purple] deer  at wondeerful farm YOB: 2018
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And then there were 3...

Junkie's daughter who followed her under the fence and back. Well, after about a month or so...

Not as daring as her, but seems to be warmig up. Occasionally will come up close, just to grab a piece of bread and storm out. Sometimes flips out and decides to get all  scared and run away, other times acts like she's cool.

As of February 2020 she's a regular under-the-fencer, comes even more often than Junkie, the original fence-buster, as Junkie only comes in now for a 'good' treat, like bread, maize, fruit... but not for a lemon, she's not into lemons anymore. Or capscicums. Nah.

#119 is a lot less fussy. She'll still eat magnolia tree petals, lemons, capscicums. Could be because she is feeding at the moment (February 2020). Her first fawn.

deer horizon

Update. August 2020. This girl is always seen by the house but rarely reaches out to take some bread from our hands. She prefers taking her chances with whatever lands close. A bit shy still.