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Cricket [tag: 2194 red]

» Our deer » Cricket [tag: 2194 red] deer Cricket at wondeerful farm YOB: 2015
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Watch deer sneeze and scratch nose

One last carrot, many deer bullies

Do deer bite? Dominance between hinds (does)

Cricket AKA Crooked Face.

Having a bit of a crooked face is no problem in deer world, and not meant as an offence, just a first easily identifiable feature about this hind, especially since her tag is worn off and the number is virtually unreadable. She's all right, and her distinctive features make her cute in her own way.

This hind often travels together with another red tagged one, the pretty deer miss #2723.

They were born same year and have grown up alongside each other. But this one is a bit more human-shy than her mate. She will come up close every day and even get food straight from our hands now, but she's still more easily spooked. 

crooked face hind


deer coming closer

This deer miss is featured in the story One last carrot, many deer bullies, in fact, she's one of the main characters.

Cricket eating some carrots

Blackie chased Cricket a bit. Her fawn was just standing there observing and learning about grown deer life...

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