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J.D. [tag: 2006 yellow]

» Our deer » J.D. [tag: 2006 yellow] deer J.D. at wondeerful farm YOB: 2015

This is our Junkie's doppelganger (Junkie Double). She has exactly the same tag in the same ear.

Can you tell the difference? Here they both are on the following picture:

two does on a farm

It's not so easy at first. But once you gauge the measurements :) it's quite obvious J.D. is much more petite. But she's trying to grow!

two similar does

On the above photo: front - Junkie, behind - J.D.

doe Junkie-double

This doe much more timid, but similarly enthusiastic about treats. Sometimes she's brave enough to come take bread from our hands, big progress from the start, when she'd just get scared and run away. These days she'll often run towards us enthusiastically, knowing it pays off to get close.

J.D. has got her nft art for sale

Group of deer coming closer

Junkie Double is among these does walking towards the camera. Can you spot where she is?

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